She's a deep burnt orange

Tangy, Invigorating

She has a intoxicating citrus scent

The blank flowers canvasing the branches

Draw honeybees

To witness her sweetness

and magnificence

Her deep burnt orange

Waxy sphere

Plumped with goodness

Her refreshing drip of nature

Her growth from a satsuma

To the grapefruit size of a burnt orange

She's sensational.

She's a rebirth of the trees reaped by her ancestors

The power and strength carried down

From branch to branch

She's a deep burnt orange

With so many juice filled segments

She can explode

Richer than a capri-sun

Sunny D ,  Freshly squeezed 

She is no longer harvested against her will

But she is rarely celebrated

Plagiarised by other fruit

The jealousy that lurks in the fruit fields

Displaces and ridicules the beauty of the orange

The deep burnt orange

But she continues to grow

She continues to thrive in the sunlight

She continues to soak up the moisture from the rainfall

And birth leaves to flavour the tea of society

Many leaves are still bitter,

Often poisoning your illusion of the orange


The misuse of pesticides from the spray bottle of the public

Can cause the leaves to become toxic

Sometimes this causes the orange peel to spoil

And spread among the tiny bumps of its neon skin

The inside rots and it plummets from the branch

The ground.

Her beauty is endless

Because even on the ground

She looks in her prime

Rubbed in the soil

No creases in sight

The night sky drapes over the horizon

The grey-green cloud encapsulates the fruit

She becomes food for the ground community

Even at the end her juices remain sweet

Refreshing whilst


Left to lie in the beauty of the moonlight

Unfurling into the soil and transferring energy into roots of another

Blessing the eyes of every single fruit

Nourishing the ground


Giving back the vitamins and advice needed to survive

In an field of uncertainty

Knowing that right next to where she laid

And decayed

Her offseed grows her first sprout

As a reflection of the earth which grew her

Hello new baby orange

Welcome to beauty of being a Black Woman. 


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