Comfort. Being comfortable is a massive thing for me, but it can sometimes hinder you from really taking hold of all your opportunities you are given. I have issues with comfort, to the point where I suffer from anxiety if I am not in an environment I can control. I get cold super fast which is probably due to the fact that I don’t do as much exercise as I should be at my age. I also have a sodium and iron deficiency meaning that I put salt on all my food without even tasting it lol. I value sleep so much, I have to get at least 7 hour sleep to stop me being grumpy and I cannot deal with unorganisation.

I have had an electric blanket since I was 13 and broken a few along the way. I sleep with it on the highest setting every night and it’s fair to say I am seriously addicted to it. I find it so hard to sleep in a bed on my own without it and it is literally getting out of control. I never take it anywhere with me but if someone doesn’t have one I immediately thing of how many jumpers I can put on the replicate that feeling lol.

We as people cling on to things that make us feel comfortable, and remind us of places like home , that give us a sense of security. But sometimes we need to look at whether the things we are most fond of actually support us in real life situations. Growth only occurs in a place of discomfort. Because then you are forced to result to your own resources in order to survive. Recently I read an article on how comfort can ruin your life and I could completely relate because of my issues with anxiety and control. For me, most things need to be exactly how I want them to be otherwise I worry about all of the negatives things that happen. I pre plan for everything and ensure that wherever I go I have all the things I need to prevent me from being uncomfortable. Which is good in a sense, but I tend to panic without them, creating havoc in my mind. I hate being out super late and I hate waking up past 9am. I think its safe to say that I am slightly OCD about things even though I have no patience. But my point is, sometimes we have to face our fears to really come to terms with our own limitations. We create our own boundaries in our heads because we don’t believe we are capable or worthy of pushing ourselves any further. I am becoming cabin crew in January and on my flight from Atlanta to London just last week, I begin to panic over some turbulence. This new job role is going to really push me to my limit and put me put aside all my routines. Its going to encourage me to enjoy myself, let loose and not be so uptight about everything. I hope to become more confident in letting the universe take the lead and stop feeling the need to control everything.

Love and growth my lovelies.



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