Welcome hunnies. Thankyou for checking my new blog out. I decided to change my direction with my writing and provide regular interesting content in a different angle. I have had multiple requests to continue writing my blog and to hear and see more of my artwork, therefore I have created a brand new platform for you to experience. I am finally drafting my poem and artwork book and exploring other exciting projects! Welcome to a my world. A world full of love. A world full of beauty. A world full of self love. A world full of self care. A world full of self-preservation. A world full of SELF. A world full of kindness. Friendships. Relationships. Spirituality. Energy. Laughter and adventure. Please read this with honey in your heart. Please use my words as a bridge to remind you of the people who make you happy in your own world. Use my words to remind you of how incredibly amazing you are. Use my words as a platform to develop your own creativity. Use me as a way to cultivate your own feelings and emotions as an expression of your own identity. You are light. You are golden. Stay beautiful my hunnies.



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